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Customer testimonials

Deonsha 6/14/19

I absolutely love my earrings, they are so classy and universal. I can wear them to work, church or hanging out.

Randi Hicks 5/13/19

Thank you love! I wore my pieces yesterday and I love them and got several compliments! You are such a blessing.

Lynn Parker 5/13/19

My sister and I loved her bracelets and we decided we will be reminded of our endless blessings when we hear the beautiful sound they make! Thank you again.

Alyssa Williams 4/11/19

Special thanks to Nia for being so professional throughout the order process. The quality of the jewelry is amazing. I am so glad I chose Christ Jewelry to be the gift to my wedding party! I will be ordering again soon!

Kametra 4/1/19

My bracelet is beautiful!

Laura 2/1/19

God is within her she will not fall necklace 

I love my necklace! I wear it everyday.

Jamie 01/30/19

Great quality!!!

This necklace is made of great quality. It shines and the script on it is well placed and clear. The message is beautiful and it's nice to wear a reminder that's not only pretty, but meaningful. It's a wonderful gift for someone special that you want to celebrate and/or give encouragement. I highly recommend it and will be purchasing from this site for future gifts. You won't regret buying this!

Carolyn Johnson 01/30/19

Trust In the Lord

I love my necklace! A great reminder of God's love for me whenever I wear it!

About Us


Christ Jewelry is an independent jewelry brand. Our jewelry business is not about competition, but doing what God has called us to do for His glory. We pride ourselves on the quality of our faith based jewelry and we want our customers to feel the same pride when wearing the beautiful pieces from our jewelry shop. We hope to be your go to inspirational Christian jewelry boutique for many years to come.


Christ Jewelry boutique offers affordable, everyday wear faith based jewelry. We use quality metals such as stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, brass and copper to construct our pieces. We never use any banned materials such as lead, nickel, or cadmium. Our jewelry undergoes a 3 step quality assurance process  before shipment. Christ Jewelry is dainty and can be paired with any outfit and other pieces in your current jewelry collection. What sets us apart is the message behind our jewelry. 


Christ Jewelry was birthed out of obedience to God. His instructions were to make handmade jewelry for a ministry fundraiser in effort to earn money for the needy and downtrodden. After much success, the ministry fundraiser turned into a passion. Today, Christ Jewelry has reached many people and brought them hope. Our jewelry serves as a reminder of God's unfailing love.